Vedic Alma Juice Gooseberry Vitamin C Immune Support (1 liter)

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Amla or Indian Gooseberry is rich source of vitamin C, iron and minerals, it immunity booster, regulated metabolism, helpful in hyper-acidity, eye problems, skin disorders and anemia. It also helps in blood purification.  Amla juice is rich in minerals and vitamins such as carotene, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and vitamin B complex, and hence, is a powerful antioxidant . It protects your body from oxidative stress by eliminating radicals.  Amla juice when taken with honey twice everyday, helps in relieving asthma and bronchitis complications.  Amla juice is good cardio-protective and provides strength to heart muscles. It help in the management of all type heart problems.  Amla juice is mild purgative and helps in giving relief from constipation.

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